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We’re #beatingCOVID

April 12, 2021
Attention: All Voyago Employees
Re: COVID-19 and the Vaccine

“We’ve said all along, Voyago has your back. We stand with you and together we will overcome COVID 19 and be all the better for it.”

We’re now just slightly over one year into the pandemic and, as a result of the efforts of all employees, we are much stronger as a result. We are proud of all of you and your commitments to work together and to think outside the box to find unique and innovative ways to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on services to our clients and riders.

We’re encouraging everyone to GET THE VACCINE, and we are making every possible arrangement to help get you in line regardless of your age. We also highly encourage everyone to know and research the availability of a vaccine within your areas; reminder your age may permit your vaccine approval before occupation does.

For more information on the Ontario Governments initiatives please visit:

Reminder to regularly utilize PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep yourself safe; we have been very safe as a company as a result of everyone’s diligent use of PPE, the continued cleaning of vehicles, buildings and everyone practicing social distancing. Ontario has entered a new wave of transmission, we remind everyone at Voyago to stay diligent in your efforts that help reduce the spread, Stay Home when you can, Social Distance, Wear a Mask, Use Hand Sanitizer and Wash Your Hands, to protect you and your friends and family.

Thanks to all of you and your commitment, Voyago has been able to sustain our service to our Students, Patients and Transit Riders when many others have failed or declined to do so – that is all thanks to our Difference Maker – The Voyago People!

Stay safe, Stay Health Stay Strong!

Corey Jarvis